17 Jan

An end of one era ..is always a beginning of a new…

Therefore dear friends

-it is now time to take a critical look at this home page.

It has been a pleasure designing it, working with it …but as time has passed since 2016 when I started it.

I have not maintained it passionately enough, for it to be meaningful. It will be working until this summer, and then shut down.

So now the time has come for something else to be passionate about.

MORE education.


You can still find me with DURS, ESUR and ECR and you can soon find me on Collective Minds (www.cmrad.com).

Stay safe, stay home..a little longer…

BW Vibeke

1 Mar

Preparing for ECR

This Year I will be rather busy at ECR but if you are there you can find a lot of Prostate Activities.

You can find the program at  myECR.org

I will be at these


12 Oct

Back to working on this webpage..

Hello again

We have just finalized the first Danish hands-on work-shop with 30 participants.

What a great group of participants!

It was a great success and it is of course necessary to repeat this course.  We have to educate and define quality in every part of the diagnostic chain. From referrals to imaging to biopsies. No difference from your place! So why just make a small basic course in Denmark? You could get information on the internet?

Yes but if you want to create a network you have to meet and become friends.

So for me next stop:


Or see you at ECR, Vienna or at

10th MRI teaching course in

April 24-25, 2020 in Fribourg, Switzerland arranged by Harriet Thoeny.


See you all soon Vibeke

13 Jun

Exiting new papers out now..

Dear all

Thank you for your patience ….there has been a lot to do at ECR, in Rome at the wonderful 9th MRI prostate course arranged by Valeria Panebianco ….and very many other prostate related activities.

I am happy to announce the new paper out lead by Jonathan Richenberg:

” The primacy of multiparametric MRI in men with suspected prostate cancer”

You will find it in European radiology (https://doi.org/10.1007/s00330-019-06166-z)

I also recommend that you read these papers form the PI-RADS Steering Committee: “The pathway paper”: just published in Radiology.

PI-RADS Steering Committee: the PI-RADs Multiparametric MRI and MRI-directed Biopsy Pathway.


More updates soon

Kindest regards Vibeke

4 Apr

What´s new?

Dear all

Again a busy time with the ECR but now I am looking forward to the exiting course in Rome. It would be great to se you there!

One more big news is the :

NEW version of the PI-RADS document

PI-RADS v2.1

Just click on the link and you are ready to read.

very best wishes to all