Upcoming courses …….and A case for discussion

An invitation from Prof. Michal Studniarek

Chairman of the ESUR 2017 Symposium

In Sopot, Poland September 14th-17th.

Here is an invitation form Jelle Barentsz:

29th September -1st October



A Case for discussion….

67 year old man in active surveillance

I like this case very much, have you looked closely? Well, on the sagittal and on the coronal T2w images (3Tesla, no endorectal coil) you can see at which level the 4 axial images are.

Yes this is mid-gland, and upper row midt image is the ADC image and the upper row third image is the corresponding b-2000.

The lower row mid image is the T2w and the last image is a T1 fat saturated before contrast injection. You can be sure that there is no contrast media yet because the femoral arteries are clearly unenhanced.

So what is going on in the peripheral zone??

Let´s discuss this in Copenhagen when we meet!

BW Vibeke.