Upcoming courses …….and A case for discussion

An invitation from Prof. Michal Studniarek

Chairman of the ESUR 2017 Symposium

In Sopot, Poland September 14th-17th.


Here an invitation from Prof. Jelle Barentsz:

29th September -1st October

Dear Colleague,


Thank you very much for your interest in improving your prostate MRI-skills by visiting our center, and participating in the weekend course. I am happy to send you the following invitation for our Weekend Course 2017, to improve your skills in prostate MR imaging. Prostate cancer is surpassing breast cancer by number, and has become a major health problem due to the aging population. Current diagnosis can be improved using multi-parametric (mp) MRI and, if needed, MR guided prostate biopsy. Early detection is more accurate using MRI, and will help the patient. Therefore, a more widespread use of high quality Prostate MR is necessary.

For high quality Prostate MR diagnosis both optimization of the acquisition and the interpretation of the images are crucial. This course will provide the basics of prostate mp-MRI (in terms of optimal MRI technique and interpretation), and if chosen for the upgrade, also basic knowledge about MR guided prostate biopsies in an hands-on workshop. The PMRC has extensive experience in teaching Prostate MR to both Radiologists as well as Technicians by short hands-on workshops at congresses like the RSNA, ARRS, and SAR, weekend courses like this one, and full-time courses where both the radiologist as well as the technicians are trained for two weeks, and guided through their first 100 cases by expert double read.

This 3-to-4-day-course for radiologists provides theoretical information, personal training, and testing your skills. The educational program includes also a basic training with ProCAD – a purpose-built software solution developed in our institution designed to facilitate structured reporting of prostate MRI’s. You can choose to add a fourth day to the program in which you will study MRI guided biopsy during either a morning or afternoon, depending on the response. Only six spots will be available for this upgrade of the course.

This course is meant only as an introduction into prostate MRI and will serve as a useful foundation, to further improve your skills in this exciting area.
We are looking forward to your participation in the course and hope to welcome you in our hospital this September.

Kind regards,

Jelle Barentsz
Professor of Radiology
Radboud Prostate MR-Reference Center

Practical information:

Date: September 29th – October 1st , 2017* (or 2nd when including MR guided Biopsy)

Place: Radboudumc, Nijmegen, the Netherlands
Costs (including lunch and two dinners):

  • 3 day course: 2975 Euro (ex. VAT and accommodation)
  • 3 ½ day course (including MR guided biopsy): 3475 Euro  (ex. VAT and accommodation)

Information & registration:  Renske van Delft; Renske.vanDelft@radboudumc.nl

*: The course will be organized with a minimum of 6 participants and a maximum of 12 participants



Here an invitation from Dr François Cornud

13-14 April 2018
Hands-On Workshop on Prostate MRI
Université Paris Descartes•Hôpital Cochin•Paris•France

Informations and registration
Course fee: 490 €
Residents: 300 € (on presentation of a written
document from the department).

Course format
Teaching course program of Paris Descartes
University on Prostate MRI.
Lectures (50%) and hands-on practical
cases on workstations (50%).
Interactive voting system.



A Case for discussion….

67 year old man in active surveillance

I like this case very much, have you looked closely? Well, on the sagittal and on the coronal T2w images (3Tesla, no endorectal coil) you can see at which level the 4 axial images are.

Yes this is mid-gland, and upper row midt image is the ADC image and the upper row third image is the corresponding b-2000.

The lower row mid image is the T2w and the last image is a T1 fat saturated before contrast injection. You can be sure that there is no contrast media yet because the femoral arteries are clearly unenhanced.

So what is going on in the peripheral zone??

Let´s discuss this in Copenhagen when we meet!

BW Vibeke.