19 Oct

Second opinion on Prostate…

I have been asked to comment on a finding on the prostate, seen incidentally on a MRI of the spine and pelvis.

The study consisted of T1W and STIR..

My answer in principal is: these sequences are not suitable for an evaluation of the prostate.

BW Vibeke

18 Oct

Today is “research day” ;-)

Today I will do refreshments on the webpage. I put a “visitor counter” on the bottom of the “HOME” page and to day already 12 visits. Wow, since this is made by me and reflects my opinions.

The aim of my work  is to encourage prostate MRI readers around the world to ensure imaging and reading to be of the highest achievable quality.  The new  on the “EDUCATION” page is that I am introducing at prostate MRI “beginner-reader” to tell about her experience in this field. I am looking forward to her updates. In the meantime I will put some stuff there.

Have a nice Thursday

BW Vibeke

13 Oct

Updates from 2018

Dear all

It has been a very busy 2018. We have published papers on bpMRI,

see the BIDOC paper in JAMA open.

Just click on the image and you can get right to it.

Best wishes from

Vibeke Løgager  and Lars Boesen

21 Jun

Importance of Education:

We belive that keeping our skills updatede will provide better patient outcome. This course aimes to provide you with state of art education from experts in the field of Prostate imaging.