17 Nov

Does it matter what’s in the bladder?

Yes it does

You can find both polyps and cancer but also keep an eye open to find bladder stones. The surgeon  needs to know if there should be any bladder stones, because if a robot assisted surgery is planed, the stones are to be removed first. If the should fall into the abdomen during surgery it could cause complications such as inflammation. Stones  could look like these, like an old floating mine.

Good prostate reading.

Bw Vibeke

1 Nov

Making a survey…

When guidelines are to be made, the visions and ideas of how things should be are easy.

Just dream!

But to make a dream come true.. that is hard work.

So I need to make a survey to get an overview of where we stand.

……that is the work for today.

bw Vibeke

27 Oct

How should you measure a lesion?

According to the Guidelines

( https://www.acr.org/-/media/ACR/Files/RADS/Pi-RADS/PIRADS-V2.pdf )

“…….report the largest dimension of a suspicious finding on an axial image. If the largest dimension of a suspicious finding is on sagittal and/or coronal images, this measurement and imaging plane should also be reported. If a lesion is not clearly delineated on an axial image, report the measurement on the image which best depicts the finding….”

and use the dominant sequence:

“…. for the PZ, DWI is the primary determining sequence ………and for the TZ, T2W is the primary determining sequence……”

Or for more info join the prostate courses

Have a nice week-end



20 Oct

Appetizer of the day…

Please look at  this wonderful Prostate Web Portal called:

Prostate Imaging Portal…….. just click on the foggy image below…

my very good friend and colleague Philippe Puech has provided this.

There is a template for reporting prostate MRI and a dictionary on terminology in very many languages.

Sign in and use it.

Have a great weekend

BW Vibeke

19 Oct

Second opinion on Prostate…

I have been asked to comment on a finding on the prostate, seen incidentally on a MRI of the spine and pelvis.

The study consisted of T1W and STIR..

My answer in principal is: these sequences are not suitable for an evaluation of the prostate.

BW Vibeke

18 Oct

Today is “research day” ;-)

Today I will do refreshments on the webpage. I put a “visitor counter” on the bottom of the “HOME” page and to day already 12 visits. Wow, since this is made by me and reflects my opinions.

The aim of my work  is to encourage prostate MRI readers around the world to ensure imaging and reading to be of the highest achievable quality.  The new  on the “EDUCATION” page is that I am introducing at prostate MRI “beginner-reader” to tell about her experience in this field. I am looking forward to her updates. In the meantime I will put some stuff there.

Have a nice Thursday

BW Vibeke